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Docking Stations and Terminals

Powerful, easy-to-use, reliable Docking Station and Fixed Terminals for the Iridium Network

Complete Solutions

Industry specific resilience solutions for Utilities, Maritime, Government, Hospitals, NGOs.

M2M and Satellite Data Solutions

We have modems, full hardware solutions, data, server apps, tracking (data and position) and full development and manufacturing expertise.

Complete Satellite Voice and Data Solutions:

Complete, ready-to-install SATCOM solutions, from corporate voice back-up solutions to M2M solutions. Small bits to large bytes, we are experts in satellite communication solutions.

Docking Stations
Premier Docking Stations providing simplicity and reliability for all Iridium Satellite phones: 9505A, 9555, Iridium 9575 and the new Iridium Push-to-talk (PTT) 9575

Fixed Station Terminals
Go beyond docking your Iridium Satellite Phone with purpose-built Fixed Station Terminals. These provide unique features for specific applications for satellite voice and data.

Antenna solutions
Antenna solutions from close distance to far. We have ready-to-go full antenna solutions from passive to powered (active). In addition, we have the world’s only terminal that eliminates the distance problem completely.

Satellite M2M
Reach out anywhere on earth to track, monitor and control your assets. We have the hardware, modems, data plans and servers to assist you in deploying fast.

Powerful Support
We have an excellent reputation for reliability for both setup and in-service. Our offices in the US and Europe give you nearly instant answers to your questions. Questions are usually answered rapidly. Usually in less than two hours.

Custom Solutions?
Can’t find a solution? We have worked with customer in the past with challenging problems that become solutions. Chat with us. We are ready for your toughest problems.

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Extend your reach with reliable, high quality, SATCOM solutions and products.

Resilience Solutions

Voice backup is crucial for many organizations–Hospitals, Utilities, Government and relief organizations. When terrestrial communications such as land-lines and mobile and cell phone networks are down due to storms, or network overload, rely on satellite voice from Iridium and ASE. We have premier SATCOM solutions to work within your organization with battery backup options, system “health” monitoring, and more. Find out more on our solutions page, or contact us to learn more.


Machine-to-Machine (M2M) Solutions

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication over satellite is growing rapidly. This is because assets can be far away from communication that depend upon wireless, mobile and cell networks. Simplicity and reliability are key here. We can help with hardware, data plans, server applications, tracking–data and position, with single or group email alerts. Track, Monitor and Control assets anywhere on earth. Contact us now.

Anti-Piracy Solutions

We have premiere Anti-Piracy solutions that exceed IMO Best Practices for 72 hours of communication via satellite phone. Our Citadel Solutions are straightforward, easy to install and maintain. The key feature is the single cable install from the Above Deck Unit (ADU) to main power with cable runs up to 100 meters. Phone lines can then be carried anywhere on the ship. Problem solved. Contact us now.


Non-Profit & NGO Solutions

Our very first customer was an aid organization with members all over the world out of touch with normal cell/mobile or land-line communications. Our Docking stations and fixed station terminals work with the main headquarters of organizations and their far-flung members. We understand your needs. Get in touch with us now.

Asset and Data Solutions

We can track assets on the globe with our mapping partners, but we are finding more organizations need to track data and take quick action. Applications such as door-open alarms, engine run-time alerts or over-temperature alerts can save your organization enormous costs. Chat with us about how to monitor, and control your assets in the field.


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