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Error Tone Calculator

ASE MC05 Citadel White Rail Web
ASE New MC08 No Handset

The intelligent ASE Fixed Station terminals, Comcenter II Indoor, Outdoor, and Citadel Solutions produce powerful diagnostic tones from the analog phone, or handsets. They are listed in order of frequency of occurrence. Please contact us if you have any questions.

ASE Dialtone

This tone from the handset indicates the terminal is working properly and is awaiting the user to dial a phone number. Be certain to complete the phone call with a “#”.

ASE Searching or SIM needs provisioning Dialtone

This tone indicates the terminal is operating and searching for the satellites. You will also hear the tone if the SIM Card is not provisioned properly. Contact your Service Provider (SP) to ensure this has been done properly.

ASE No SIM Card found

This tone indicates the terminal is operating, but has not found the SIM Card. Please clean and reinsert the SIM Card into the terminal.

ASE Off Hook

This tones indicates that the handset has been off for more than 30 seconds without any activity. Please Turn the Handset off, then back on to continue.

ASE SIM locked

This tone doesn’t occur often. The SIM needs to be unlocked by pressing * 1 1 1 1 on the handset.

ASE Modem error

This tone indicates that the internal modem is not functioning properly and most likely needs repair.

ASE Bad SIM card

This tone indicates that the SIM card has been damaged and may require a new SIM for the terminal to function properly.


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