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What is the difference in a Docking Station and a Fixed Station Terminal?

They both provide the exact same result, a voice call over the Iridium Satellite Network–outbound and inbound. With a Docking Station, the Satellite phone can be removed. With a Fixed Station Terminal (FST) the “phone” is inside–therefore “fixed”.

When should choose a Docking Station over a Fixed Station Terminal?

If you have an application that might require the satellite phone to be removed and transported, choose a Docking Station. An example might be a pleasure boat–The Docking Station provides convenience to make phone calls without going on the deck. If an evacuation of the boat is required say to a life raft, the Satellite Phone can be removed and taken onto the life raft. If the Satellite phone needs to stay as a permanent fixture say in a utility, think Fixed Station Terminal. If the antenna cable length is greater than 88 meters, our Comcenter Outdoor is most likely, your only option.

What is the longest cable length I can use?

For passive antennas, 20 meters is about as far as you can practically go (you can go farther, but the size of the cable, rigidity, and cost make it impractical). From 20 meters to 40 meters, consider an Active (powered) antenna solution. Beyond this, our Comcenter Outdoor (also used for our Citadel Solution) is the only option we know of currently. We see alot of these installed onto skyscrapers and some of the world’s largest ships!

Do you have Docking Stations for the Iridium 9505A Phone.

Yes. We also have Secure Sleeve applications for this phone.

What is the advantage of Iridium Satellite Phones over other networks?

Iridium works everywhere on earth–Poles included. Single rate plan, no roaming, and you don’t have to point the antenna to a satellite as the Iridium network has 66 satellites circling the earth.

What is the length of your Warranty?

Two Years


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